Rhythm Fever v2

This was Rhythm Fever v2!

On 25 March, the temperature rose a few notches in Pixel Arcade. It’s not called a Rhythm Fever for nothing. At Pixel we already have some of our favorite rhythm games in the world, and just for one day we added a huge collection of other bangers to be played. And you did play them!

Exciting tournaments

Of course, we opened up the floor for a number of thrilling tournaments. We saw lots of energy, focus and positivity, and (of course) a lot of amazing scores. We want to showcase some of our best players here – congratulations on a great performance, everyone!

Chunithm lower

1. Benjamin S.
2. Koen v/d H
3. Jeroen K

Chunithm upper

1. Jacky
2. Penda
3. LuukOfzpo

Sound Voltex Lower

1. Mae
2. SuperGoomba
3. Owo

Sound Voltex Upper

2. Amy
3. Bram


1. Yosuke
2. Arras
3. Kuroshimae

Lots to do

Thanks to our volunteers and great partners, we were able to host some beautiful arcade and console games, as well as custom merch and great pizza. We hope you had a wonderful time and can’t wait to see you again at Pixel!