Diverse Pump Tournament meet up 2024

Thank you all for participating!

Event information (for archiving purposes)

The Diverse PIU Tournament returns for its third edition, and the Netherlands will be part of it again! DPT is a recurring casual online tournament aiming to include players of all skill levels.

Join us for a meetup planned on the 16th of March.
The entry fee, granting access to all games for the entire day, is discounted to €10.
*Terms apply: Offer valid only for tournament participants. Full price: €17.50.

Those who join us at the Pixel meet up can be assured that their entry will meet the tournament requirements and we will be able to help film the attempts.

Scroll down the page for the tournament rules.

Don’t miss out on limited edition merch and specially made buttons exclusive to the event!

Two Pump It Up cabinets will be available for the event. The main cabinet, equipped for tournament filming, will feature Phoenix with the latest update and fully modded new style pads.
Additionally, a secondary cabinet running an older version will be perfect for warming up.

In addition to these cabinets, the arcade will be filled with a plethora of other arcade games such as ITG, pinball machines, SDVX, Crazy Taxi, and more! View the full list here


This tournament has 6 divisions:

Expert Division – 24-28
Advanced Division – 21-23
Upper Intemediate Division – 17-20
Intermediate Division – 13-16
Lower Intermediate Division – 9-12
Beginner Division – 5-8

There is no gender separation in all divisions. Everyone is equal here.
Remember: Only one division is to be selected here – Anyone who plays in multiple divisions will be disqualified!

There will be 3 singles for the 3 lower divisions (Beginner-Intermediate).
There will be 2 singles and a double for the Upper Intermediate and Advanced divisions.
The expert division will play A single and 2 doubles.
The songs will range in the Phoenix songlist, arcade songs only.
Premium mode songs might be included.
The tournament will average the scores for calculating the final results. The deadline for submitting scores will be a week after the tournament itself.
  • Only scores from genuine PIU Phoenix arcade machines will be allowed.
  • HJ – Mandatory in all categories!
  • Allowed modifiers: BGA DARK, FD, Speed, AV and noteskins. Any other modifiers are not allowed.
  • Only one attempt is allowed except in a machine malfunction.
    In case of a player doing a Perfect Game in all of the charts in the division, this player should disregard his results, go up a division in the same participation day and attempt the charts in the division above his originally registered division.
  • Videos are mandatory, Just like before, but if you can’t do videos you can post score photo proofs.
  • No trimming, you should show your performance from start to finish.
  • Full body videos that also show the screen and then a close-up to to the result screen is the priority.
  • Players that go to the arcade alone can also show only the feet or full body in the front and then turn the camera around for the result screen.
  • Streamers that show their feet and screen captures will also be accepted.

Please send your score photos and videos to the country’s specific organizer, then the country’s main organizer should proofread the results and send them in a Google drive form that will be published among all organizers. The organizer of The Netherlands is Kevin Oei.

Ask the employee @ Pixel for contact information