Sega rally Championship

Thank you for participating in the Sega Rally Championship! 

Top 3 of the Sega Rally Championship 2024

1. 2Fast
2. Max
3. Eriker

old Event description

It is finally time to do a Sega Rally Championship! We will do a pole position lap followed by 1 vs 1 races to see who is the best rally driver in the arcade.
Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newcomer to the track, everyone is welcome to participate.

Date: April 20th
Start Time: 16:00

The entry fee, granting access to all games for the entire day, is discounted to €10.
*Terms apply: Offer valid only for tournament participants. Full price: €17.50.

The tournament is split in two phases.

Pole position
in single player set your quickest time on the selected to be announced map

1 vs 1 match
selecting the players from last to first from the pole position players will race against each other in a single elimination bracket

– Lancia stratos ( the hidden car ) is not allowed

– You are not allowed to interact with the other players side of the
machine. For example:  no switching their camera mode, changing their gears or pushing the other player physically.

– No steer/wheel slamming or other destructive behaviour against the machine.

– In-game bumping against the other player is allowed

– Different camera angle allowed

– Automatic and hand shifted cars are allowed