[01/07/2023] ONDER 4

The fourth edition of the ONDER tournament will take place on Saturday, July 1, 2023 and will be hosted at Pixel Arcade in Den Bosch for the first time. The main tournament will be played on the DDR cabinet in the afternoon, and the other games at Pixel will also be available for free play during the entire event. Disappointing prizes will be awarded to the winners of the tournament.

Event info

  • The arcade will open its doors at 13:00.
  • The tournament will start at 14:00.
  • Regular entry fees apply for visitors, but tournament participants can buy a discount day pass for €10. You must properly participate though!
  • Registering as a participant is possible via this form, but can also be done at Pixel on the day of the event.
  • During the tournament, charts from this pack will be played. Most of them are pretty weird, so trying out the pack first is recommended.
  • The rules, when available, can be found here.

What is ONDER?

ONDER is an DDR/ITG tournament in which players compete in 1v1 matches while playing simfiles from a very special tournament pack. The tournament pack was created specifically for the event via submissions, and contains many charts that are very creative, unusual, jokes, memes, borderline unplayable, etc. The tournament, while part skill and competition, is really also just as much about watching people play stupid content and having a laugh.